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If you are considering applying for admission, you should follow these steps:

    1. Read as much as possible about our educational philosophy. Information on this site, and the links to related sites, are good starting points. We also have a library of written and audio/visual material for loan or purchase. Contact us to make arrangements to pick items up.
    2. Attend an Open House. Open Houses include a tour and Q&A session. Children are welcome. See our Calendar for the next date available, and RSVP here.
    3. After you have attended an Open House, a visit or trial period during the school day can be arranged. Discuss this with us at the Open House.
    4. If you believe your student would be a good fit for PFS, read ourĀ Enrollment Procedures and submit an Enrollment Application, with fee. A separate Enrollment Application should be submitted for each child applying.

Enrollment occurs year round. Our sliding scale tuition helps families to pay an amount that accurately matches their available funds, ranging from $1,800 to $12,000, with a discount for siblings. Currently, 85% of students receive some form of tuition assistance. If you are interested, click here to apply. Please note that some slots are reserved for full tuition students, and some are reserved for tuition assistance students. We are also seeking a range of ages and genders, so a limited number of slots for each are available.

If you have received on Offer of Enrollment, or if your family currently has a student enrolled at the school, and you need to make a tuition payment, click the link below. All families make tuition payments through this system, regardless of how many payments they wish to make.


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