What are they doing?

For those of you who are curious about what goes on at a democratic free school, here is an incomplete list of some of the activities students at the Philadelphia Free School have been engaged in over the past 3 months. Stay tuned for updates, as well as future blog entries that focus on the learning engendered by some of these…

playing chess
dressing up
writing songs
creating Lego worlds
trading/ eating lunch, all day long
making robots
playing dodgeball
running lemonade stand/ hot cocoa stand/craft fair
puzzling out a 1000 piece puzzle
playing musical chairs
competing in a drawing contest (see example)

reading books (i.e: Elfslayer, Goosebumps, Where the Wild Things Are)
playing ping pong
building train tracks & 5 foot-long car ramps (see photo)
making potions
going to the deli for a soda
creating and performing a play
playing computer games (ie: Plants vs. Zombies, Fantastic Contraption, AQ Worlds)
painting, coloring, drawing pictures entitled “Pink Star Invisible House” and “Islands”
serving on, observing, participating in Judicial Committee & School Meeting
writing stories
making paper airplanes
playing Secret Agent Vampire Swordfighter Princess Kitty Cats
going to the park
watching movies (ie: Fantasia, the Incredibles)
hanging out
playing Assassin
making music
playing Mastermind, Clue Jr., Zingo, etc
making jewelry

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