Real learning

In my twenties, I spent a year teaching English in Greece at a private language school. At first, I thought I got the job because of my education, English skills, or at least gumption (the owner seemed impressed that, a complete unknown, I had taken an overnight boat ride from Athens to Crete on the off-chance that she would give me an interview.) As it turns out, a big reason I probably got the...

What kids can do

If you are reading this, it means you have probably seen the newspaper article, heard the radio spot, or seen the TV story done about the Philadelphia Free School over the past 2 weeks. (Find links on the In the News page.) As we succeed in getting the word out about our school, a question every reporter and many viewers ask is, “Can children, especially young ones, really learn things on their...

Goal of Education

Growth in Freedom

Kids Who Thrive Here

Michelle Loucas, co-founder of the Philadelphia Free School, discusses the kinds of kids who thrive at this democratic school.

Letter from a Future Student

We received this letter recently from Julia, a 13 year old presently going to a public school. It speaks aptly to why we are starting this school. Can you imagine knowing about Free Schools while still attending a traditional middle...

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