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The most important criteria for admission are the family’s understanding of our educational philosophy and the ability of the students to take responsibility for themselves. Students are admitted to PFS without regard to previous academic or behavioral record.

This year, PFS is continuing our practice of making a limited number of tuition-free enrollment slots available via our annual tuition waiver lottery. Details at the bottom of this page. 

Enrollment at PFS occurs year round. Follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Learn  as much as you can about our educational philosophy. Information on this site is a good starting point. We also have a library of written and audio/visual material for loan or purchase. Contact us to make arrangements to pick items up.
  2. Attend  an Open House. Open Houses include a tour and Q&A session. Children are welcome. See our Calendar for the next date available, and RSVP here. After you have attended an Open House, a visit or trial period during the school day can be arranged.
  3. Apply   if you believe your student would be a good fit for PFS, read our Enrollment Procedures and submit an Enrollment Application, with fee. A separate Enrollment Application should be submitted for each child applying.


    Tuition for 2016-2017 is a sliding scale from $1,800-$12,600 for the year, with a discount available for siblings.   Beyond this, we have scholarships and programs that assist families for whom the lower end of the scale is burdensome. Average tuition is just over $3,000 per student. We are committed to making the school accessible to those who wish to enroll, regardless of ability to pay.

    Our school uses an independent third party called FACTS to determine the need for tuition assistance. Click here to apply to FACTS to determine what your expected family contribution would be.

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    Enrollment Lottery

    This year we are continuing our practice of making a limited number of tuition-free enrollment slots available, via our annual tuition waiver lottery. To be eligible, students must be seven years old or older and currently enrolled in a public, School District of Philadelphia school. Students enrolled in SDP charter schools, including cyber charter schools, are also eligible. There are no financial eligibility requirements. 

    Applicants do not need to submit financial aid applications or any other financial documents to the school. Applicants must complete the other parts of our Admissions process, and if awarded a lottery slot, agree to comply with all the other enrollment requirements. Applicants who are selected will be offered up to four years at the Philly Free School, and will have no tuition obligation of any kind, during that time.

    Applicants who are not awarded a tuition-free enrollment slot remain eligible to apply to the Philly Free School's tuition assistance programs and may benefit from the school's usual, need-based sliding scale. 

    Prospective Lottery applicants must attend the Philly Free School's Open House on 6/9/2016 and are encouraged to contact the school, right away, with any questions. 

    Join us at our next Open House on Tuesday, August 16th at 6:00 PM.